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About The Studio SJ

We are more than just a Boudoir Photographer

We are Wisconsin's TOP All-inclusive Luxury Boudoir Studio located in Neenah, WI.

We had over 400 clients in 2021 alone, and are continuously growing. We are extremely professional and have a lot of experience in all that we do!

The Studio SJ is a husband and wife duo that work as a team on the set to ensure your session is seamless, and customized to make all of your boudoir hopes and dreams come true!

From the moment you schedule your session, you'll feel the Studio SJ difference. We're all about YOU; empowering YOU, loving YOU, and showing YOU how amazing you truly are!

Here is a quick overview of our studio: you'll be in the lap of luxury from the moment you walk in and are greeted at the door. All sessions include on site professional hair + makeup + lashes. You will be treated like a queen during your glam time!

Not sure how to pose? Not a problem! At every session, there is a professional posing coach to guide you though every single pose, ensuring every detail is perfect!

You don't own lingerie? No problem! You have access to our client wardrobe of over 2,000+ lingerie items that you can wear during your session, and keep as a gift! Our stylist will pick out amazing outfits for your ahead of time that align with your questionnaire profile!

We also offer amenities to ensure you have everything you need to feel at home. We take your personal drink and treat order in advance in your questionnaire so you're all taken care of! We take every detail into consideration for your special day.

Best of all, there's almost no wait for your photos! We have in-house editing, so we are able to do your private gallery reveal on average within 72-hours of your session.

We offer interest-free financing on photo packages which is a nice perk! If you are creating a special gift, or trying to budget for a wedding, this great feature is loved by all of our clients!

Boudoir consultations are FREE, so schedule one now and see how incredible and uplifting the experience can be.


Our Story

I started this business in 2019 as a hobby that highlighted both of our strong suits.  Him as a very experienced photographer, artist, musician, Team USA Powerlifter and my assistant in competitions.  Myself as a bikini competitor, model, makeup artist and professional athlete.  As we grew the business we discovered something.  We are really good at this and we work amazing as a team.  Once the end of 2019 hit, we found ourselves doing this full time and we are continuously growing our team.  Now we have grown to the point where we are booked an average of 3 months out at a time.  We shoot 2-3 times per day and 5-6 days per week.  Though, as parents we try to take occasional breaks for family time.

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