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The Studio SJ has built its reputation by showcasing inspiring women from all over the world.  In our expansion from boudoir to our new lingerie collection, we are keeping to that reputation.  We are looking for women from all backgrounds and body types to represent our brand in this one-of-a-kind fashion show experience.

Next Event: April 27th 2024
Apply Today!


What is the Goddess Lingerie Fashion Show?

The Goddess Lingerie Fashion Show is a one-of-a-kind expereince scheduled in time for the release of our new line of lingerie.  This is your chance to grace our stage with your presence under stage lights, music and effects.  As our name suggests, you will leave the stage feeling like a goddess!


Why should I apply?

Too many people live day to day without a goal to do something that makes them shine as an individual.  This is your oppotuniry to get on stage and show off that inner Goddess.


What does it mean to represent The Studio SJ?

The Studio SJ has built a reputation as one of the best boudoir photographers around.  From our experience to what we represent, our brand has become tasteful and respected all over the nation.  People travel to our studio in Neenah, WI from New York to California and everything in between.  In the release of our new lingerie line and the people who represent it, we plan to hold to that reputation.


Who attends this show?

There is a very limited number of seating available, after registration closes the tickets will be available to represetatives of The Studio SJ, sponsors of the event and the models for friends and family.   


How is the Fashion Show different from other fashion shows?

Many shows focus on popularity, fitness or some measured form of success.  In this show, everyone is a Goddess.  Each participant will have their moment to shine in this unforgettable experience.


Who do I contact for more information?

Contact Sara Jean at for any questions you may have.  This includes participants, sponsors and vendors for the event.


Goddess Fashion Show Application
*Must be over 21 to apply

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