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Boudoir Loyalty Program

Introducing Studio SJ's Loyalty Program—a testament to our appreciation for your continued support and love for capturing special moments with us! Sign up today and unlock a world of rewards and recognition. With every session and referral, you'll earn valuable points that bring you closer to exciting perks. Whether it's a discount on your next photoshoot, or even an exclusive themed session, your loyalty points pave the way to unforgettable experiences. Join us on this journey of memories, where your loyalty is celebrated and rewarded. Start earning, start redeeming, and let's make your photographic adventures even more extraordinary!

Step 1:

Sign Up

Sign up as a member to start enjoying the loyalty program.

Step 2:

Earn Points

Purchase Products

$1 = 1 Points

Sign Up

50 Points

Refer a friend to Luxury Boudoir

500 Points

Refer a friend to ladies night

200 Points

Step 3:

Redeem Rewards

50% Off Ladies Night

400 Points

50% Discount on Booking

1000 Points

*Points accumulated each year expire Jan 31st of the following year.


get more perks!

Do you have that dream of becoming a professional model?  Do you need to build your portfolio to get there?  ...Or maybe you just like photoshoots.  Either way, Ambassadors earn 20% extra when they earn points!

We only accept 5 new ambassadors per month, Apply TODAY!

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