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Boudoir Loyalty Program

Earn points and turn them into rewards

Step 1:

Sign Up

Sign up as a member to start enjoying the loyalty program.

Step 2:

Earn Points

Purchase Products

$1 = 1 Points

Sign Up

50 Points

Refer a friend to Luxury Boudoir

500 Points

Refer a friend to ladies night

200 Points

Step 3:

Redeem Rewards

Free Ladies Night

400 Points

50% Discount on Booking

1250 Points

Free Luxury Boudoir Booking

2500 Points

*Points accumulated each year expire Jan 31st of the following year.


get more points!

Do you have that dream of becoming a professional model?  Do you need to build your portfolio to get there?  ...Or maybe you just like photoshoots.  Either way, Ambassadors earn 20% extra when they earn points!

We only accept 5 new ambassadors per month, Apply TODAY!

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