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Be Your Most Confident Self: A Ladies Night Experience

As someone who has struggled with loving herself for as long as she can remember I can tell you I’ve never felt more confident, more welcomed, or sexier in my life than after my sessions with Sara and Q.

I participated in my first ladies night back in July, and when you are in a room with 10-18 other women where you are all feeling beautiful and confident there is absolutely nothing better. They are all cheering you on regardless of how nervous you are, or how much you feel like you don’t belong.

Sara and Q are the absolute best people to do this with. They make you feel so welcomed and confident. You are able to be your best, most confident self.

I can tell you after 2 children I was able to finally feel sexy again. I was finally able to feel like a person again rather than a mother who had to run her children everywhere that was taking absolutely no time for herself.

I got my first pictures and after I finished going through them. I cried for the next 10 minutes because I couldn’t believe that it was ME in those photos. This brought my confidence level so high that I was finally able to look at myself in the mirror again and love what I was seeing. I was able to feel comfortable in my own skin looking at pictures that I would have before turned away from and picked apart. I find myself looking at these photos and seeing nothing but radiating confidence and beauty.

I have since referred several people to these ladies nights and quickly signed up for a solo shoot. Everyone I’ve spoken with that’s done these has had nothing but good things to say about it. There are racks and racks of lingerie to choose from! The other women participating in these all send great energy to the area and Sara and Q just add to that positive energy. It’s like a huge party where we are all in our underwear, feeling great, and posing for a camera that many people shy away from.

Do yourself and your confidence a favor and just sign up for one. Whether it be a ladies night or a solo session. Take the time for yourself. Let yourself feel like a person again and let yourself feel sexy.

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