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Post Partum Boudoir Photography - Empowered & Beautiful

Mothers are tired, the house is a mess, clothes are piling up and there’s no sign of relief. Most of us are in a complete fog when a new baby comes along. Some of us have help and some of us don’t. Most of us are engulfed into motherhood leaving ourselves behind. We forget about us because our babies need us more than we need to fix our hair.

With my first, it took me 4 years to feel sexy again. I hated what pregnancy did to my body. I hated my new bumpy belly that was once smooth. I hated the new tiger stripes I’d gained just above my bikini line. My chest was already large and now they were just full of milk making them look like straight-up melons (my husband never complained). Even so, I worked really hard to get back to the body I loved before pregnancy and it took me a long time to love who I grew into.

Our bodies change so much when we have a baby but we usually focus on the negatives instead of being incredibly proud of what we just did. Having a baby is no simple task and it takes a tremendous toll on our bodies. I knew after my second baby was born, I didn’t want to ever feel like I wasn’t proud of what I just accomplished. I didn’t want to feel embarrassed in my own skin. I thought, my husband had no problem with the skin I was in, I should love myself as much as he does, if not more. So, 3 months postpartum, I decided there was no better way to embrace myself and my curves than by doing a boudoir session.

I told my husband I wasn’t going to be available for him or the kids for a few hours and I went to my session. Having my hair and makeup done alone was just a beautiful feeling. It’s such a simple task that I overlook all the time because I feel like there’s “no time”. Having someone focus on me instead of me focusing on everyone felt really nice. While I was in her chair, it was about me. It was about adult conversation with no interruption. It was beautiful and much needed and I felt really excited to be doing something for myself. I had been so nervous leading up to my session but I honestly had no reason to be. I was made so comfortable during the whole process and everyone I worked with was so professional. We had such a good flow through the sets and I did poses I didn’t even realize could be so sexy until I saw them. Seeing my body and my smile made me feel good. I didn’t see a woman who was 3 months postpartum and hating herself. I saw an empowered woman embracing her sexy.

Though the pictures were a gift to my husband, they were really a gift to myself. My confidence went through the roof and was exactly what I needed to keep me on the self-love path. Everybody is beautiful and my session helped me see that.

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