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Schedule Your Own Ladies Night Out!

Want to schedule a Ladies Night Out, but none of our openings work for you?  

Fill out the form below to request a CUSTOM Ladies Night for you and your friends.

How does it work?

  • Booking fee will be $99 per person.

  • Private parties

    • Require a minimum of 8 people to book.

    • If you wish to host a private party with less than 8 people, the booking fee is $799 and up to 8 people can come, this price will cover everyone's booking fee. 

    • Only those you invite will be present.

    • Drinks and outfits are included in the booking fee.

  • Open Parties

    • Require a minimum of 4 people to book.​

    • Once a date is decided, it will be added to our website for other to book.

    • 12 people total will be present during the open party.

  • Hair, make-up and lashes can be added for an addition $99 per person.​


Ladies Night Request Form

Thanks for submitting!
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