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Professional Services

At The Studio SJ, we're the conductors of your glamorous symphony! 🎶 Picture this: a one-stop-shop extravaganza! Hair, makeup, lashes, your favorite sips, a posing coach, and a treasure trove of outfit options—all under one fabulous roof, and no extra cost! 🎉 Our in-house magic-makers ensure you're camera-ready and having an absolute blast while doing so. Let's turn those moments into memories worth flaunting!


Get ready to shine with clean, dry locks!

Clean hair is a stylist's dream canvas for creating magic.

We're versatile with styles—just give us a heads-up in your pre-photoshoot questionnaire.

Heads up: no blow-drying on the agenda. Let's rock your natural beauty!

Wardrobe Closet

We've got a lingerie collection that rivals Victoria's Secret—no kidding! With THOUSANDS of items in our closet, you'll have an array of choices during your boudoir session. And here's the icing on the cake: everything's brand new, and whatever you slip into, it's yours to take home!


Come to the studio with a fresh, makeup-free canvas.

Inform our makeup artist about any allergies or special preferences from the get-go.

Excited to see your vision! Bring along some inspiration photos to set the tone.

Posing Coach

Need assistance with posing?

SJ, a seasoned model and competition professional, will expertly guide you through every pose. From perfecting hair placement to nailing facial expressions and even the angle of your foot—rest assured, she's got you covered.


False lashes are the secret to that ultra-glamorous boudoir shot. If you're new to temporary lashes, they might feel a tad heavy initially.

To bid them farewell, simply gently rub with warm water and/or makeup remover.


Thirsty for some refreshment during your session? Your beverage of choice is on the house! Whether it's coffee, water, soda, or something else—let us know your preference in the pre-photoshoot questionnaire!

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