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The Studio SJ Process

At The Studio SJ, transparency is paramount to us, and we take immense pride in demystifying our process to ensure you're informed at every turn.

Let's offer you an enticing glimpse into the intricate workings at The Studio SJ..."


Before your Session

The Consultation Experience!

At The Studio SJ, we strive to make your boudoir session as comfortable, enjoyable, and unforgettable as can be. We're committed to tailoring this experience to revolve around you!

We kick off with a brief 15-minute phone call, where we address any queries you might have and collaborate to craft a personalized plan for your day.

Day Of The Shoot

The Big Day Has Arrived! No need to stress; we've got you covered.

Simply roll out of bed and head over to our lavish 6,000 sqft studio. You'll be greeted with a glass of your preferred beverage while our team works their magic. In-house hair, makeup, and lashes are all part of the experience, and let's not forget our expansive client wardrobe featuring THOUSANDS of outfit options. If you're unsure about choosing the perfect ensemble, worry not - we're here to assist you. As a delightful bonus, any outfit you wear during the shoot is yours to take home, at absolutely no extra cost.


During Your Session

Once you're adorned in glamour and set to dazzle, the exciting shoot session begins!

We'll follow a carefully structured plan, encompassing all the elements we've talked about beforehand. Your main focus is to enjoy every moment, and if you're in need of posing guidance, rest assured that SJ, with over 10+ years of professional modeling experience and stage competition expertise, will expertly direct you.

After Your Shoot

The excitement has peaked, and now it's time for the unforgettable reveal—a day etched in your memory forever!

This is, by far, my favorite part of the process. Witnessing expressions ranging from sheer astonishment to tears of joy is beyond words. I struggle to capture the exact emotions you'll experience when you lay eyes on your images for the first time—it's an indescribable feeling.

All our editing magic happens right here in our studio, and we guarantee your pictures within a swift 7-day turnaround. We always strive to complete them even sooner. The timing can vary based on the season and our schedule's demands, but if you're in a hurry for any reason, please let us know, and we'll make sure to prioritize your gallery for a speedy delivery.


Albums, Canvases, Prints, and More!

You've fallen head over heels for your pictures and crave more than just digital memories? Fear not, we've got the perfect solutions for you!

Explore our array of offerings, including high-quality genuine leather albums, beautifully framed canvas prints, metal printed wall art, standard prints, and a variety of other options. Consider us your ultimate destination for all your printing needs. To ensure your privacy, we even handle some printing in-house, keeping the process as confidential as possible.

The Experience

Whether you're ready to embrace your boldness or prefer a touch of modesty for your glamorous photos, a professional boudoir photoshoot guarantees to enhance your confidence and make you feel absolutely incredible. A woman's essence extends far beyond her size; strength is undeniably sexy.

Are you prepared for a liberating and exhilarating boudoir photography session that will put you at ease? Our Wisconsin-based Boutique Boudoir Photography Studio eagerly awaits the opportunity to accentuate your finest features and capture them in a tasteful boudoir collection—an enduring celebration of both your inner and outer radiance. This experience leaves our clients not only more self-assured and alluring than ever before but also reignites a genuine excitement for their feminine essence, allowing their confidence to radiate brilliantly.

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