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Cancellation Policy

We do not issue any refunds. Once your session deposit is paid, all sales are final. Please note that once you have booked an appointment with us it means that we have reserved time in our schedule exclusively for you.
We have a full time staff dedicate to making an exceptional experience.  When a session is booked, you are directly locking in time of at least 4 members our staff, from outfit selection, to make up artist, to posing coach, photography, retouching...etc.  For this reason, short term cancellations are costly. If you reschedule your appointment less than 48 hours before it is scheduled to take place, you will be subject to a rebooking charge of $150.
To avoid a reschedule fee, please provide reschedule notice at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.
You can reschedule an appointment by emailing us at , texting 920-345-4010, or calling our office at 920-345-4010.

Photo Release and General Liability

Being a model (or client) for The Studio SJ, the model understands that services that may be provided include hair, makeup and lashes.  Requested beverages may also be included with this service, identification is required for any alcoholic beverages.  The model understands that if they have any allergies that they are to make them known ahead of time.  This can include but not be limited to types of make up, lotions, oils, foods or beverages.  

The Studio SJ always has Quintin on the camera and Sara Jean as the posing coach.  During your set the posing coach may need to make small detail adjustments.  These adjustments include but are not limited to: removing size tags, positioning hair, rotating jewelry or adjusting anything that is worn.  In doing this, there may be physical touch involved.  The model understands that this will likely happen during their session.  If for some reason the model is not comfortable with these adjustments, the model simply needs to make it known to the posing coach.

The model understands that The Studio SJ has the rights to the images taken during their photo sessions.  These images have an intimate nature and all models must be at least 18 years or older.  The model understands that the photographer will photograph/video the model clothed, partially clothed, nude and/or partially nude.  The model agrees and understands that it is the models responsibility to identify to the photographer face to face the models personal likes, dislikes and comfort level before or at any point during their session.  The model understands that they can stop the shoot or change their comfort level at any time.  The model understands that it is the models responsibility to do so verbally when they do.

The model hereby releases The Studio SJ and all associated representatives from and and all claims, actions, demands, suits, liabilities, damages, expenses and obligations of any kind arising from accidental touching of the model during a shoot.  The model understands that the poses can be physically strenuous on the body and injury from being in a pose or transition to or from a pose could cause bodily injury.  The model agrees not to hold The Studio SJ liable in any way or to seek compensation for any injuries that may occur during a shoot.

The model understands that in order to achieve the best images possible, both the model and The Studio SJ must communicate responsibly.  The Studio SJ is not liable for any unusable images due to lack of cooperation from the model or any unforeseen conflicts.

Sharing Agreement

The model grants full rights to The Studio SJ.  The model understands that their images are to be used in but not limited to: social media, private groups, marketing, photographers website, anywhere the photographer shares their media and any additional outlets of media, this may include use for paid advertising or monetization for The Studio SJ.  While reasonable efforts will be made to properly credit images appearing in print and digital format on other platforms, it is understood that the models name may or may not be included/credited in every form of publication.

The Studio SJ cannot be held responsible for the misuse or miscredit of the models images by others once the images have been placed online in digital format.  The model further waives any and all rights to review or approve the images prior to their print or digital release for the photographer's use.  The model understands that they are able to use the images taken by The Studio SJ for the models portfolio, personal print and/or social media accounts, but only with permission and proper credit given to The Studio SJ.

If at any time the model would like to revoke the use of the models images by the photographer an email must be sent and rights to the images must be purchased.  The photographer will give best efforts to remove the images from any and all platforms within 72 hours of the request.

Right Of Refusal and Background Check

The Studio SJ has built a reputation on having an exceptional, fun, comfortable and out-of-the-box experience at our Ladies Night events.   Due to the nature of the events and the one-of-a-kind experience we portray we require that everyone who attends ladies night agrees to a background check.  By checking out and participating you understand that The Studio SJ reserves the right to deny entry for any reason including but not limited to: theft, reckless endagerment, trespassing and battery.  Bag checks will also be implimented before and after each event.

Commercial Use Of Photography

The Studio SJ has strict rules on its stance for commercial use of its content.  Unless agreed upon, we do not permit usage of our content for commercial use.  The Studio SJ does not produce pornographic content and refuses to be used in allignment with brands or networks that monetize on the sale of such content.

Photo Release and General Liability
Sharing Agreement
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