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The Studio SJ
Model Program


🌟 Join the Studio SJ Glam Squad: Your Passport to the Extraordinary! 🌟

Ahoy, adventurous souls and fellow lovers of creativity! At The Studio SJ, we're not just growing; we're unleashing a creative storm! We're on the lookout for exceptional models to join our diverse family, where the spotlight is always on and the magic knows no bounds.

📚 Dive into Publications like a Superstar! 🌟
Ever dreamed of gracing the pages of renowned magazines like Playboy* and Sports Illustrated*? Well, dream no more! At The Studio SJ, we're casting for our very own stars who want to shine bright in the world of publications.

🎨 Unleash Your Creative Spirit in Our Epic Creative Sessions! 🖌️
Creativity is our middle name, and we're always brewing up exciting and out-of-the-box ideas. Join us in these sessions and let your artistic side run wild!

🎉 Be the Life of the Party in Trial Sessions! 🎊
We're the ultimate party starters, hosting ladies' nights and private events that scream fun! Help us trial our sets and bring the party to life even before the big day.

✈️ Embark on Destination Adventures with Us! 🌍
Travel is our passion, and we're jet-setting to the most picturesque and unique destinations. Come along for a journey of both work and wanderlust!

🎥 Lights, Camera, Action: Star in Our YouTube Series! 🌟
Hold onto your seats, because 2023 is the year we conquer YouTube! Our channel is about to explode with excitement, and we need stellar models to grace our screens and make the magic happen.

Ready to take center stage and be part of something extraordinary? The Studio SJ is not just a place; it's a vibrant canvas of creativity waiting for your unique strokes. Join us in this epic adventure, where dreams are captured and stories come to life. Your journey to stardom begins here! 🌟📸 #StudioSJStars #ShineBrightInEveryFrame

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🌟 Lights, Camera, Action: Be the Star with The Studio SJ! 🌟

Hey there, fabulous future superstar! Are you ready to strike a pose and dazzle the world with The Studio SJ? We're on the lookout for extraordinary individuals who are game to rock the camera and represent our brand like the true icons you are!

🌠 Picture-Perfect Perks Await! 📸
Picture this: Your stunning photos being the face of The Studio SJ's marketing content! While prior modeling experience is cool, it's not a must. Your mission? Simply be a brand ambassador, regularly flaunting our awesomeness on social media. Oh, and did we mention? You can earn some serious coin or points toward fantastic sessions through your referrals!

🤩 Shhh...It’s a Studio Secret! 🤫
Our studio is hotter than the latest blockbuster! But here's the twist—95% of our clients prefer their pics hush-hush. That's where you come in, our shining social media stars! Be the positive role model we're looking for, expanding our online presence like the superheroes you are!

🔥 Ready for Your Close-Up? Action Steps! 🎬
Hold on tight, because these slots are as limited as front-row tickets to a blockbuster!

  1. Picture-perfect shoot in Neenah, WI, coming your way! 📍

  2. Modeling skills are a bonus, but we love fresh faces too! 🌟

  3. Age is just a number, but you must be 18 or older to rock this gig! 🎉

  4. Weekday availability is your ticket to the studio spotlight! 📅

  5. Get ready for your close-up as we spread your fabulousness! 📸

💃 The Glam Squad Special! 💄
Ever dreamt of that celebrity treatment? With us, you'll get it all:

  • 👑 Professional Hair, Makeup, and Lashes - because you're worth it!

  • 👗 Rock those outfits during your shoot and take them home as a fabulous gift!

  • 💁‍♀️ Strike a pose with our on-site Posing Coach - get ready to own that frame!

  • 📹 All the magic captured during your session, ready to make your star shine even brighter!

🤑 Now, Let's Talk Dough! 💰
Money talks, but with us, it also walks the talk:

  • 🎉 Going for a publication shoot? It's on the house for you! 🏠

  • 🎨 Makeup artist with a stellar portfolio? HMU ready and session's on us, superstar!

🌟 Snapping Success: Your Photo Finish! 🏁
You’re not just a model; you’re the face of our story. Be a part of The Studio SJ saga and let's create some legendary frames! Ready to strike your pose and be the talk of the town? Let's make your photo dreams come true! 🌠 #StudioSJStars #PicturePerfectFab

"The Studio SJ was built on the values of building confidence in women and teaching them how to shine their brightest. Spread the word of how empowering a luxury boudoir session can be-and be rewarded for it!"

-Sara Jean
The Studio SJ Founder


915 Terra Cotta Dr.  Neenah, Wi 54956


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