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The Journey to Confidence

When my best friend Ashia mentioned The Studio SJ to me I thought to myself “no way could I do that. I have 3 kids that ruined my body. I am not pretty enough anymore for something like this.” I kept trying to mentally ruin the thought for myself so I would not try it.

Well, I still end up going. I walked through the doors for my very first time STILL extremely scared but I figured I will never overcome my fears if I don’t take the leap! They did my hair, and make up. I walked upstairs to get my first outfit on all while telling myself “you can do this”…I walked over to the couch for my first picture and BAM, the confidence just poured from my soul.

I was me again.

Not mom me, I was just me.

Now every single chance I get I am at The Studio SJ doing pictures, meeting amazing women, and eating the yummy snacks!

Each and every time I am leaving more and more happy.

I look in the mirror now and I don’t see my acne.

I don’t see the stretch marks.

Now when someone says “wow, you’re beautiful” I can confidently say “thank you” instead of “ugh, if only I didn’t have these blemishes”

Sara and Q have not only made me feel beautiful, they have treated me like family.

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