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A Lovely Ladies Night Experience at The Studio SJ

I just have to share….my Ladies night experience and why I think EVERYONE should do it…even if you have already done a “solo” session.

I’ve been to 3 ladies nights now I think. I would do them about every week if I could. I’m not from ‘around here’, I’ve worked in my basement for gosh…15 years. I don’t “get out” to make other female friends.

I consider myself a friendly person, I just only leave the house to go to boot camp or pole. I also struggle with self-esteem, body issues, confidence etc.

My first ladies night, I’ll be honest I was nervous…would people like me? Would I be annoying and talk to much? Would I look ok?

Let me tell you, the experience is like NONE other.

Picture this…a group of 10-12 amazing women….women who are friendly, sitting around, chatting, having some wine, introducing themselves. AND…we each have an adorable cute little bin of “pretties” that Sara has picked out herself JUST for us.

We get choices of different settings to have our pictures taken in and the FUN begins. I can’t even tell you the instant friendships I have made. The fun, the laughs, the support, the encouragement. If you are shy in front of the camera have no fear because EVERY single woman there will tell you how BEAUTIFUL and amazing you are.

Heck you will hear it so much YOU WILL BELIEVE IT..even if you came into the event being hesitant and shy, you will soon feel like a freaking ROCK STAR! I can not say enough wonderful things about Sara and Q.

Just being around them makes you feel at ease and welcome. And did I mention you get to KEEP the

beautiful lingerie that was hand-picked for you!? Honestly, I could go on and on about why I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ladies night events, you really have to experience it yourself!

If you are not sure if you could do a full solo boudoir shoot/session this is the perfect way to ease into it, see how it all works, get to know Sara and Q and see what an amazing experience it is!

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